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In the end, the moments that filled your heart with joy, the memories you created with those you cherished and the differences you made to make the world a better place are truly all that matter. Which will you do today?

-Brain tumor survivor 

Creative Moment:

One of the most important things you can give your children, regardless of their age, is your time.

A Progressive Picture

This is a great after dinner activity. Sit at a table with family members. (Make sure the table is clean.) Place crayons, markers and pencils in the center of the table. Give each family member an 8 1/2 x11 inch piece of paper. Set a phone timer for one minute and each family member draws on their paper.  When the timer goes off the paper is passed to the person on the right and the process continues. Inexpensive certificate frames can be purchased to hang or place the completed artwork in your kitchen area.

Drawing on the Windows Is A Good Thing! (If you use window markers)

A great activity for a snowy or rainy day is to use washable windows markers to create pictures together on a window or deck door. Make sure to take pictures to have a souvenir of your creative moment together.

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