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The Monarchs Are Coming!


National Prairie Day Celebration


Saturday, June 3rd, 12-3

Our special guests: monarch butterflies* and caterpillars!

Also plant and butterfly art, free art projects, and butterfly and plant experts

What it’s about: The conservation of America’s native prairies is critical to saving monarch butterflies, other insects, and native wildlife. Members of the Central Illinois Monarch Butterfly Task Force will be on hand to provide butterfly education. A master naturalist will be at the gallery to provide information and answer questions about growing native plants.

*Dependent on Mother Nature

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Paintings and poetry of John Williamson

Vietnam veteran John Williamson's painting and poetry are haunting, a reflection of the man himself. On his mind are things he can’t seem to shake 55 years after his return like a soldier he had to leave behind on the battlefield that he had been treating. Although he was prepared to provide trauma care, he had to make life-and-death decisions like who would live long enough to get to a field hospital or who would not. He says he still wonders if he did the right things.


“What happened to the people I patched up and put on choppers? I tried to find out. When follow-up is not available, it is hard to think about.  A lot of people were in bad shape.”  Williamson said noting a lot of soldiers were left behind. He also thinks of his fellow soldiers who had the job of protecting him as a medic. He feels very thankful to them because in Vietnam the average life span for a medic in the field was six months.

His painting and poetry exhibit is fittingly called Left Behind recalling what Vietnam veterans Left Behind: innocence, youth, faith in humanity, hope, and peace of mind. They returned with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) suffering from nightmares, loss of concentration, invasive memories, feelings of guilt, irritability, and in some cases, major depression.


Williamson is a member of 22 Veteran Artists (22 VA) and like other members of the group uses art therapy to combat PTSD. Unlike other group members. he hadn’t publicly shared his photos, poems, and paintings until last year.

Details about tthis year’s Welcome Home for Vietnam veterans and their families May 11-13 at the National Mall in Washington DC can be found at:



with Linda Webb

Group shot for Caturday.jpg

Get the purrfect pendant!


Caturday may be over, but we still have some cats hanging around the gallery! Award-winning artist Linda Webb of Creekside Studio created cats for those who were unable to attend and make their own cat art or preferred to just visit with the cats up for adoption event day.

$28 each cord included 

The ARK shelter that had pets in the gallery to adopt has plenty more available at their shelter in Lacon! Donations are always appreciated. Check out their online wish list 

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Stab Bindng

Dreamer Boards!

Oprah, Steve Harvey, Katie Perry, Beyonce use them. Jim Carrey and the multi-millionaire founder of Spanx, Sarah Blakely attribute success to them!

A Dreamer Board or vision board is a collage of images that represent goals and dreams. It can include sticker images, your special pictures, and words that help inspire you to manifest your dreams and get where you want to go.


Coming soon


Dreamer Boards founder Amber Green will lead you through the process. Her high-quality embellishments and personalized instruction will ensure your Dreamer Board will get you started on the path to making your dreams come true. All students receive special gifts and a beautiful key to success handmade by Amber upon board completion. 

$39 fee includes instruction, all materials, and refreshments.

Register in the gallery or by calling 309-232-8886

Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 11.39.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 11.33.55 PM.png
Stephen Wilson

 Art by Ella!

Ella sea art.jpg

"I am continually inspired by the naturally occurring world. I enjoy sharing the beauty of nature."


Every time I see one of Ella's paintings I see something different! I especially love her use of copper. All copper pieces are individually and precisely inlaid by hand as part of her artistic expression.

Check out her fantastic art during regular gallery hours.

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