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Creative Soul's Featured Artist

Paige Poppe

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Paige Poppe’s work is featured as part of the gallery’s Desert Dreams event.  While Poppe was still in college as an architectural major, she got her creative business start by creating and selling hand painted skateboards with her own designs. These days Poppe is widely known for her paintings of desert botanicals and landscapes.


Poppe said leaving her home state of Arizona for college is actually what caused her to see the Sonoran Desert, with new eyes and appreciation when returning home. Her pursuit of creativity has blossomed into a full-time career as an artist.


“I use my artwork to put modern vibrant spins on the desert and nature,” Poppe said.

What inspires your creative soul?

“I strongly believe that nature is the greatest artist and art brings more color, magic and joy to your life.”


Creative Soul's Recently Featured Artist


Linda Webb

Every Creekside Studio piece is handmade entirely by award winning artist Linda Webb. Linda has over 25 years of experience in a variety of mediums and began her professional career as a graphic designer. One of her designs may be in your closet as her designs have been printed on everything from fabric to rain boots!


Linda's mosaic jewery can be found in multiple museum stores. She begins her unique process by sculpting a base in clay. Tiny “tiles” from sheets of rolled clay in a variety of colors and patterns are applied to the base forming a mosaic. Once the piece is cured, it is grouted and sanded smooth. The finished products are durable, waterproof, lightweight and unique pieces of wearable art.

What inspires your creative soul?

"I am constantly inspired by the beauty of nature."


LInda will be teaching a class in late summer. This is a rare opportunity for her central Illinois fans and the class will fill up quickly! Watch for further details.

Linda's Gallery

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